Remote Working Solutions for Critical Comms

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way many organizations work and communicate. In difficult times like these, where there is no such thing as business as usual, we need to rethink the ways in which we manage our operations, and stay in touch with our teams remotely.

More and more organizations around the world have been forced to embrace remote working during this crisis. This brings with it a unique set of challenges; the good news is that Tait has solutions that allow your team to work from home or out in the field, on devices they already own.

Read on to find out how Tait can help you and your team stay safe and connected during disruptive emergency events like COVID-19. 

Stay Connected from Anywhere

When you and your team are working remotely and need to stay in close contact, Tait TeamPTT, our push-to-talk-over-cellular app, can help you and your team stay connected from anywhere.

Tait TeamPTT
Tait TeamPTT provides professional grade Push-To-Talk communications and location tracking for teams of any size, without the need for additional hardware. The Tait TeamPTT app connects cellular, WiFi and radio networks to provide Push-to-Talk for anyone, at any time, anywhere. 

This means that users that are outside your LMR coverage area or staff that do not usually operate a radio can stay connected when working remotely. Users are provided with one simple, familiar user-interface, so you and your team will know how to use Tait TeamPTT straight away. 

The app enables you to communicate with a single button push, and the system connects smartphone users to each other or your LMR network and all its functions via LTE or WiFi. Tait TeamPTT is easy to set up and can be downloaded on either Android, iOS, or PC.

Organizations around the world, like Transport for London and St Johns Ambulance trust Tait TeamPTT for secure push-to-talk communication. 

Remotely Manage and Monitor your Communications Network 

Being away from the office doesn’t mean operations stop, and remote working methods call for different and more flexible ways of managing your network. Cloud-based Tait Enable tools offer you the flexibility to access and configure network data securely via the web, so you can remotely monitor and manage your communications network wherever you are.

Tait EnableFleet
Now that a lot of us are working remotely, gathering your entire fleet of radios together  to change or update their configuration has become a lot more complicated. Tait EnableFleet makes managing your radio fleet easier by providing a centralized point of control for detailed fleet information and OTAP (Over-The-Air-Programming) capability.

EnableFleet delivers real-time, accurate and reliable fleet information, and makes it easy to identify, support, and solve issues. All information on fleet changes is logged, and if an upgrade fails, EnableFleet captures and stores this information so network support staff can analyze any potential problems with individual radios.

By sending software and firmware upgrades and programming wirelessly, OTAP allows you to remotely update your radio fleet. Users can continue to work remotely, and scheduled updates will automatically start when the radios are switched on and not in use.

Tait EnableMonitor
Proactive monitoring and management of your communications networks is key to identifying potential issues early, and responding accordingly. Tait EnableMonitor is a cloud-based network fault-monitoring tool that offers highly-configurable web-based alerts to notify your network support staff of faults and network events so they can quickly identify and trace them – dramatically reducing their negative impact on your wider communications system. 

Tait EnableInsight
Tait EnableInsight is a cloud-based network performance monitoring and reporting software tool that goes beyond the fault-monitoring capability of EnableMonitor to provide industry-leading, real-time transparency of critical systems and performance metrics. With EnableInsight, you can gain access to in-depth analysis of incidents and problems, giving you the tools to optimize your network and ensure it keeps running smoothly. It is available from anywhere, anytime, making it the ideal flexible solution for remote operations.

While a lot of traditional monitoring solutions rely on expert users to operate and analyze data, Tait Enable solutions are intuitive and designed to provide reduced reliance on skilled, multi-disciplined operators. The dashboard-style information can be accessed and interpreted by users easily, without the complication of needing to understand how to drill down. 

Tait Managed Services

The Tait Enable Applications allow you to monitor and manage your organization’s network from anywhere, but these days, a lot of organizations do not have the resources to monitor and manage their communications networks themselves. Technology keeps evolving, and systems become more and more complex. 

In these situations, Tait Managed Services can take care of your network for you remotely, so you can keep focus on your core business outcomes from wherever you are. Tait professional network experts operate in key locations around the world, and can offer as much specialized and technical services as you need, whether that involves monitoring your network performance, or complete, end-to-end LMR network management and support.

Secure Solutions for Remote Work

You may think that when working remotely, you are more susceptible to security breaches. You can rest assured knowing that all Tait platforms are built with security at their core to mitigate the risk of any unauthorized access to your comms. 

The latest Tait networks provide ISO 27001, industry-best practice security solutions for your organization’s data, and Tait TeamPTT offers AES-256 Voice & Data Encryption. These security measures provide peace of mind; it ensures procedures and controls are in place to protect your critical data and voice – even when you are working remotely.

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