Australian Air Force Cadets Complete Tait Radio Academy Course

Australian Air Force Cadets from 210 Squadron, based in Toowoomba, Queensland, recently conducted basic radio communications training using resources from

The cadets learned basic radio procedures, the Phonetic Alphabet, and best practices for radio operation, to ensure clear and concise communications.  After a half day classroom session, they put their skills to the test by sending and receiving phonetic alphabet encoded messages using portable radios.  These skills will assist the cadets when they complete their field-based training, as well as the aspiring pilots.  At the end of the training, cadets received a Radio Academy Certificate in Best Practice for Radio Users.

The Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) is a youth oriented organisation that is administered and actively supported by the Royal Australian Air Force.  The AAFC teaches cadets valuable life skills and helps them develop qualities including leadership, self-reliance, confidence, teamwork and communication.  Some activities undertaken by the AAFC include flying, fieldcraft, adventure training, firearms safety training, drill and ceremonial, service knowledge, aeromodelling, navigation and gliding.

Training was conducted under the guidance of Flying Officer (AAFC) Michael West-McInnes, who when not working as a cadet instructor, is the Radio Communications Technical Manager for Comtel Pty Ltd.

“It is great to have the support of my employers at Comtel and Tait when it comes to training the young cadets” he said.

More information on the cadet program can be obtained from


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