Tait Joins Mission Critical Alliance

L3Harris Technologies, a global aerospace and defense technology innovator and leader in mission critical technologies, has announced the formation of the Mission Critical Alliance. This technology partner program will openly collaborate to advance solutions for mission critical industries. Tait Communications is proud to be a founding member of this alliance, and expect to deliver interoperable, secure solutions to our clients as a result.

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The MCA is a partner program for leading technology vendors offering products and services that are complementary to L3Harris’ core network and radio platforms. Alliance members explore technology synergies, furthering the development of interoperable communications in a connected Internet of Things (IoT) environment.

Other initial Alliance members include:

Tait Communications has a long history of partnering with organizations that can add unique value to the solutions we provide. The Mission Critical Alliance represents the addition of a great range of innovative products and technologies that can increase safety and efficiency for Tait users. Learn more about Tait Technology Partners here.

Public Safety agencies around the world trust their critical communications to Tait, because we provide tough, reliable solutions and support APCO P25 standards. Listen to examples of Tait Public Safety client stories in their own words, from both the Law Enforcement world, and Fire & Emergency teams. We look forward to adding the capability of the Mission Critical Alliance members to our offering.

Organizations that rely on public funding are under particular pressure to optimize their investments in equipment. Tait strives to engineer solutions that deliver great value to the taxpayer, providing everything an agency needs to be safe and efficient. This means leveraging existing investment in communications infrastructure, and integrating emerging technologies as they rapidly become indispensable to everyday operations. Tait Unified Solutions are designed to allow connectivity of both legacy and cutting edge technology into a single, unified network.

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