Bluetooth® Accessories for Enhanced Usability

Many critical comms users consider accessories just as important as their radios.  There is no point in using a high quality radio if your microphone or speaker isn’t suited to your use.  With that in mind, Endorsed Tait Technology Partners Savox and Aina have both recently released Bluetooth accessories that pair with Tait TP9300 and TP9400 portables, Sonim XP7 and XP8 rugged smartphones, and both support the Tait TeamPTT.

Great accessories can make remote communication mush more effective.  Bluetooth technology allows users to remotely control functions such as push-to-talk, phone calls, channel switching and emergency alerts, while keeping their radio or phone in a safe place, and preserving battery.  Accessories are small, light and often come with a lapel or belt clip meaning you always have both hands free to focus on the task at hand.

Savox and Aina have put customers’ needs first when designing their products.  With high quality audio, noise suppression, ergonomic design, and dust and water resistance, these two companies have created reliable and durable accessories that are mission-ready.

Bluetooth accessories can be helpful in a range of situations.  The discrete and small design of many accessories is perfect for those working under-cover, or wanting to minimize their presence such as security or public safety officers.  The Savox BT-COM wireless PTT device was designed with this in mind.  It’s light, ergonomic and robust, offering ease of use and extensive earpiece and headset options.  The BT-COM has two modes of push-to-talk operation:  using the microphone on the device and the supplied earpiece; and as an external microphone, by using a commercial mobile phone’s microphone and earpiece.  The first mode is perfect for those needing a light, hands-free option, while the second mode is perfect for using in professional surroundings where a mobile phone is more convenient.

Well-suited for a range of industries, the Aina PTT Responder speaker-microphone incorporates a number of rugged design features for mission-critical applications.  The device controls functions such as push-to-talk and phone calls, and the emergency and auxiliary buttons are large and responsive, designed to be used with gloves for those in mining or utilities industries.  For these roles, the device also delivers high quality audio as a result of noise suppression, echo cancellation and wind noise reduction.  It can also be used in the quiet or sensitive environments of public safety work.  In covert mode, LED indications are suppressed and audio annunciations are selectively muted for discretion.

The Savox BT-COM and Aina PTT Responder are specifically built for critical communications.  With safety and efficiency as top priorities, Bluetooth accessories such as these are assets to your communications network.


Tait TeamPTT is a great way to get more connected.  It connects radio, cellular and WiFi so that users on any of these networks can talk to each other.  Also, users can choose from a range of devices to ensure they’re already familiar with their communication tool. Learn more about our range of Audio Accessories in this brochure.

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