Why Personalize Your Portable Radios?

Reliable, resilient, functional, efficient. These are all requirements for the workplace communications tools you need.  But what about personalization?  Need to identify talk groups?  Want to label individuals’ radios?  Want to add more functionality to a device?  There are many reasons why organizations need flexible, personal radios.  Guy Hooker, Product Manager of the easily personalized Tait TP3, shows us the business benefits of radios with individual flair.

Personalized Colors for all occasions

Traditionally, portable radios are black.

That may be handy if you need to be discrete such as a security guard may need to be, but more often than not, black radios just cause frustration and waste time when they cannot be found.  So although it sounds trivial, having a choice of colors is important.  High visibility radios are the safest when on a construction site or mine site for example, where you need to be able to locate your radio at all times.  Bright green, yellow, or pink is going to be easily spotted if it fell in the mud.

Quitman Fire District use high-visibility colored Tait TP9400 portables, to ensure they are easily found if dropped.

“’Black blends in, especially if you’re in the woods searching.  But you can see these colored ones, mine’s yellow and easy to spot.”       – Phillip Brown, Fire Chief, QFD

Portable radios that come in a variety of colors are functional, too.  Different teams within your organization often have their own unique communications requirements, and their radios may be programmed with different channels, talk groups, or functions according to their needs.  Assigning a different color to each team helps them identify the portable with the right functions for their duties.

Custom Labels

Radio labels are an easy, affordable, and completely customizable way to manage your fleet. Labels can contain any words or images such as logos, pictures, names, return addresses, phone numbers, or asset ID numbers.  This information makes fleet management easier if the radio is lost, or you need to know where a particular portable is, and who is using it.  Labeling also makes it easier to track performance of individual units, and users can be held accountable if damage occurs.

Radio users often resort to duct-tape, engrave, and write on their radios to identify them.  This solution looked messy, and often home-made labels fell off, or interfered with screen and keypad space.  The Tait TP3 radio labels are highly resistant to wear and tear, and can be changed as your needs evolve.

Some examples of attempts at radio labeling, with mixed results:

Promote your Brand

Make a statement with colors that complement your brand. Have more than one signature color? Covers can be fitted individually, so you can choose as many different colors as you like. And if you re-brand (or re-assign a radio), you can easily change covers.  Want to boost team spirit? Add a picture of your mascot. Want to promote your company on a job site? Include your logo and contact information. The options are limitless.  The color display option can also show your organization’s logo or emblem on the start-up screen.

Tait TP3 offers a range of colored face plates to choose from;  0, 4, or 16-key keypads with different levels of functionality;  color displays;  and professional-grade labels.  These offer the best of form and function.

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