10 Reasons Transport Organizations Choose Tait

Tait has helped numerous transport agencies around the world by providing reliable voice and data solutions. From city bus networks to airports and rail companies, Tait has delivered improved coverage, better timetable compliance, service interruption management, cost reduction, environmental performance improvement and enhanced worker safety.

Below we have explored the top 10 reasons transport organizations choose Tait.   You can visit the transport industry page to see more detail on client stories, specific offerings and more.

1. 40 Years of Mission Critical Transport Experience

Committed to mission critical communications, the vast experience Tait brings to each project means the needs of transport agencies are understood. With a long history working with a range of transport companies, the trust and quality represented by the brand is something Tait is very proud of and always working to uphold.

“We, of course, did thorough background… and reference checks… and we found that everybody that had worked with Tait in the past loved them.
– A J O’Connor
Manager of Intelligent Transportation Systems, TriMet

2. Experience With Major Transport System Integrators

Tait has worked with major ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) integrators to develop and install integrated communications systems across the world. This results in an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the interfaces, systems, and software requirements needed to deliver cost efficient implementations.

“We wanted an evolutionary solution, leveraging our investment in existing infrastructure…the Tait proposal proved to be the most operationally effective and most easily commissioned. ”
– Terry Hewlett
Project Manager, London Bus

3. IP Capability and Customized Applications

Transit and transport companies are moving to an IP based communications infrastructure to allow for comprehensive integration of on-board systems. Tait Unified Vehicle provides a modular multibearer platform with the flexibility to adapt to these changing business needs. In addition, it can host applications and enable a wide ecosystem of application development, store data, and act as an access point for other devices on the vehicle. This level of flexibility allows Tait to meet business needs across a range of hybrid networks now, and in the future. Tait is also fully engaged in the standards development of ITS systems worldwide – for instance UITP, developing the European Bus of The Future.

“The decision to implement an AVL system that used Tait TNDS to carry the real-time data was based on the practicality and cost effectiveness of this solution. ”
– Brendan Flynn
Technology Development Manager, Dublin Bus

4. Understanding of the Industry and Commitment to Client Outcomes

Tait has worked with a range of large and small-scale operators, transit authorities, and service providers to help solve their operational and business issues. In the process, the company has built up knowledge and understanding of the drivers, issues, and complexities in the transport industry. This is further strengthened by a rich history of working with other transport-heavy industries such as mining, developing a range of innovative safety and performance improving solutions that are also applicable across the transport industry.

David Astill, Commercial Manager, Nottingham City Transport said:

“We are now able to see visually and diagrammatically where our vehicles are so our control room can predict where problems are going to be and take a more proactive stance. Ultimately it’s about giving customers confidence and predictability in their local bus service, which we know is what they want.”

5. Flexible and Consultative Delivery

Tait is small and agile enough to provide good customer service, but also experienced enough to have strong technological research and innovation that delivers high quality products. The focus on a consultative approach as well as the flexibility and willingness to incorporate custom solutions really sets Tait apart.

“Planning for future communications in partnership with Tait means an expert team is right there at each stage, designing, managing and supporting the changes, working to an organization’s time-frame to minimize any impacts on budget and service.”
– Hans van der Linde
Managing Director, Tait EMEA

6. Expertise in Building Resilient Networks

Tait DMR solutions are created with reliability and resilience in mind, to deliver seamless availability whenever and wherever required. Tait has acted as a trusted and experienced partner with a range of transport organizations across the world. Tait’s developed network designs deliver critical communications systems that provide improved services to these customers and increase worker safety.

“Our customers trust the quality that’s synonymous with the Tait brand.”
– Peter Crook
Sales and Marketing Manager, Silvercomm

7. End-to-end Design, Manufacture, Deployment and Service

Tait systems are optimised to work in unison, and the company is involved in every step of the process – from design and manufacturing, to deployment and management. Tait stands behind all of their products because they built them, putting passion and innovation into creating communication tools optimized for each project.

8. Flexible DMR Solutions that Integrate With All Systems and Applications

Tait is committed to open standards and unifying communications capabilities, while ensuring interoperability. Tait DMR ensures the powerful combination of both voice and data to provide improved coverage, flexibility, control, and resiliency. If requirements change, Tait has worked hard to make sure the network is easily expandable to accommodate.

Simon Reed of Transport for London commented:

“We have been careful to choose a solution that provides a low risk transition from the existing analogue technology, and also integrates well with the future vision of TfL with open standards based DMR technology and ease of integration with an ITxPT (IT for Public Transport) Principal Member.”

Source: ITxPT


9. Service Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Tait understands that value isn’t about the lowest price – it’s about the right solution at the right price. Rather than designing to use an entire budget, the needs of each project are met. Tait works with integrators to design and develop the most appropriate set up in terms of hardware solution, software development and the services around it.

“We were looking for best value for money. Tait is the first of a new breed of low-cost solutions becoming available to federal frequency users. These new low cost radios are the outcome of a fresh new competitive market we see developing and the results are exciting.”
– Malcolm Kyser
Chief of Communications, Civil Air Patrol

10. Comprehensive Partnering Program

Tait partners with leading technology companies to provide the very best solutions. An open standards environment and a rigorous compatibility testing regime guarantees interoperability with industry leaders such as INEO, Init and Trapeze. Together, we deliver world-class solutions that can save as much as 30%, compared to a single-vendor solution.

“Tait equipment was chosen because of its features and support for P25 standard. Combining this with Mastercom’s detailed understanding of our requirements, the choice was simple. The new wide area network has improved radio coverage and quality of voice communications.”
– Paul Mendoza
IT Manager, Sydney Airport Corporation Limited


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