More Organizations are Choosing Tait DMR Tier 3

Leading the pack with the largest DMR Tier 3 systems in the world

Tait continues to expand our global reach of the DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) Tier 3 technology solution with contract signings across the globe.

Alliant Energy (USA), Transport for London (UK), Talquin Electric (USA), Vertel (Australia), and TeamTalk (NZ) have all called on Tait to provide reliable, interoperable, mission critical radio communication systems to support their operations.

Tait designs and builds proven DMR Tier 3 trunked networks that critical industries around the world rely on for safety, productivity and automation. Thanks to the open standards technology on which all Tait products are based, the Tait digital terminals are compatible with existing analog systems and DMR systems from other vendors.

These recent contracts and deployments are a testament to the confidence that you can place in Tait products, services and support services. Our experience in deployments of all sizes, collaborative approach with customers, and the quality of our terminals are just some of the reasons why Alliant, TfL, Talquin, Vertel, and TeamTalk have chosen Tait.

Alliant Energy

Alliant Energy covers a 54,000 square mile (140,000 square km) service area in Wisconsin and Iowa. They selected a Tait DMR Tier 3 system in 2015 and recently completed their transition from an Analog system to a 122-site DMR Tier 3 system.

The organization has a strategic focus on optimization, providing reliable service to their one million electric customers and 400,000 natural gas customers through continued modernization of the power grid and other crucial infrastructure.

Ron Graber, Director of Operational Resources, Alliant Energy, said, “Our primary requirements with an upgrade were safety, for both our workers and our customers, and the efficient dispatch of work. We wanted a system that, from the point of view of coverage and usability, was as good, or better than, what we had.” Learn more about the Alliant Energy transition in this article from LandMobile.

Transport for London

Every day, more than 31 million journeys are made across Transport for London’s public transport and main road networks. The TfL bus network consists of over 650 contracted bus routes, served by over 9500 vehicles with a network of over 19,000 bus stops. In March of 2018, it was announced that they selected Tait Communications to replace their radio communications system.

Simon Reed, Transport for London’s Head of Technology and Data: Surface Transport, said, “We have been careful to choose a solution that provides a low risk transition from the existing Analog technology and also integrates well with the future vision of TfL, with open standards based DMR technology and ease of integration with an ITxPT (IT for Public Transport) Principal Member.”

The transition to digital is already underway, and you can learn more about the project in the Tait press release.

Talquin Electric

Although Alliant Energy and TfL are very large DMR Tier 3 systems, Tait also loves to work with smaller organizations, like the Talquin Electric Cooperative. Based in Quincy, Florida, Talquin serves a 2,600 square mile (6,700 square km) territory that covers four counties in Northwest Florida. The Electric Co-op works in water, waste water, and electric. They have approximately 190 employees, 110 vehicles, and plenty of radio traffic.

They needed more channels and better coverage for their ageing radio system, so they chose a Tait DMR Tier 3 network. One of the benefits of their upgrade, aside from enhanced coverage, was the new safety features. Their radios have man down, lone worker, and GPS functionality on each radio.Now, dispatch knows immediately if there is a problem, and where to send help.

Dane Clemons, Director of Technology at Talquin Electric, summed it up well when he said, “Our staff can communicate with one another, and it has improved efficiency. The Tait system has improved the way that we work and the way we communicate with our employees.” See more on the Talquin Client Story page.


Vertel is an independent Australian telecommunications carrier specializing in the design, build and operation of next generation network infrastructure and associated services. Vertel has been at the forefront of land mobile radio networks since 1973. They provide fully managed two way radio networks to government and enterprise organizations all around Australia, including mobile radio, wireless LAN, Carrier Ethernet and Internet services.

When it was time to upgrade their MPT Analog network to a DMR Tier 3 digital network, they selected the Tait solution. They built a nationwide communications network with Tait base stations and core network forming the backbone of the system. Thanks to open standards, they can offer a variety of terminals and applications to meet the needs of their customers.

Bruce Quail, LMR Strategy Manager for Vertel, said “It is Tait’s proven experience in large scale open standards networks and the depth of local support that makes them the perfect partner for this landmark project.” Learn more about the Tait and Vertel story.


TeamTalk is a publicly listed telecommunications services provider, and the largest provider of commercial mobile radio communications services and solutions throughout New Zealand. In December of 2017, they announced their decision to select Tait Communications to supply and build their new nationwide Tier III Digital Mobile Radio network.

Andrew Miller, the Chief Executive for TeamTalk, said, “Whilst a new digital network is exciting, it is the roadmap of further integrated services that will be released over the next few years that really excites us about this investment. Our partnership with Tait Communications and other integrators will allow us to be at the forefront of new developments and enable New Zealand to gain access to these leading technologies and solutions quickly.”

The DMR open standards that Tait adheres to allows our networks to integrate, not only with other voice suppliers, but also with application providers, dispatch consoles, web browsers, and other open standard systems. By selecting a Tait DMR network, organizations will be ready for the future and any new solutions that come from other integrators. Learn more about the strategic partnership between TeamTalk and Tait.

If you would like more information about our DMR Tier 3 solutions, please contact us or leave a comment below.

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