Rugged radios and beyond: Tait Tough networks from start to finish

The world is a tough place, and our clients have demanding jobs. They need critical communications that can withstand the challenging conditions they face each day. That’s why Tait offers complete communications systems that are reliable, resilient, and downright tough, from start to finish. Read on for an introduction to how we create a comprehensive, durable critical communications solution, and hear from some of our customers about their own experiences.

The Toughest Radios in the Industry

For users in the field, it starts with our renowned Tait Tough portables. They’ve been crushed by tanks, dropped by drones, tossed in the ocean, and even run through a dishwasher – and they still work afterwards. We’ve engineered our portables to be the most rugged radios ever made, and they’ve been tested and proven to survive even in the harshest environments.

My tower guy accidentally dropped a Tait radio from a 100 meter tall tower – the radio is safe – and your repeater is not a repeater, it’s a tank! I always say all others are toys!
-Francisco Trigo, Manager, Conectia, Buenos Aires

In addition to being tough, Tait portables are also lightweight, easy to use, and equipped with features that enhance safety and efficiency for users. The Tait Tough portable series is available for both P25 and DMR networks, and are built with open standards to ensure interoperability between vendors and other organizations.

And it’s not just radios; Tait offer solutions that enable you to integrate rugged smartphones into your radio network, further enhancing your communications capabilities.

Strong, Secure Platforms

Tait networks offer market-leading security across both P25 and DMR platforms, allowing organizations to protect their radio system from external attack, avoid accidental network damage, and prevent unauthorized access. AES encryption, physical and environmental alarm interfaces, and remote-disable features help organizations meet privacy and confidentiality regulations and requirements.

Tait P25 is also equipped with an award-winning key management facility and end-to-end encryption.

The crime indices have decreased. Now in São Paulo, you hear of very few bank robberies or many other crimes that used to be common. Often criminals used to follow police activity but not anymore. Now we have the security of our encryption keys.
-Joilton Chaves, Chief of Telecommunications, São Paulo Civil Police

Durable Mobiles

To withstand the extreme temperatures and jostling that occur on the road, Tait mobiles were designed with users in mind to ensure effective everyday operations. They’re IP54 rated to protect against dust and splashing water, exceed MIL-STD-810G, and feature a covert microphone and stealth emergency modes. To further enhance user safety, our mobiles have Lone Worker and a programmable orange emergency key, while the TM9400 supports end-to-end encryption (including AES).

It exceeds my expectations. As far as the communications system, the radio product, the product you sold me is excellent.”
-Terry Bradshaw, Fire Chief, Carroll County, Tennessee

Resilient Core Networks

With a range of dual redundancy and fail-soft configurations, mirrored system elements, and fall-back modes Tait networks offer industry-leading reliability when it matters most. Along with redundant linking and dual traffic paths, Tait designs networks so that our systems keep working even if problems occur, ensuring that users can rely on always getting through.

Combined with our resilient hardware, our tailored configurations and multiple backup options guarantee system reliability.

There’s a hundred-percent confidence in the Tait Communications system that people are going to be able to get through when they need to.
-Rick Dobbe, Communications Engineer, Black Hills Power, South Dakota

Total Network Control – In the Palm of Your Hand

The Tait Enable Suite is a comprehensive package of radio management software that gives you complete visibility and control of your entire radio fleet from a central point. With the Tait Enable range, you can:

  • Configure and update your fleet over the air
  • Monitor the health of your network in real-time
  • Secure your network with access management tools

Since only authorized users are permitted onto the network, Tait Enable ensures the security of your communications while offering peace of mind that everything is up-to-date and functioning as it should.

Tait EnableFleet added value to our business and was a great asset in managing the deployment of new radio configurations.  Not only was the deployment made easier for the installers in not having to manage multiple files in the field, we now have far greater reporting on the state of devices in terms of Hardware, Firmware and Configuration.”
-Tony Howard, Solution Specialist, St John New Zealand

Time and again, across the world, Tait products and networks have proven tough. But it doesn’t stop there. Download our new Tait Tough brochure to find out more about these solutions, including how we can help you go beyond just radio with Tait Unified solutions.

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