Taking the next leap in critical communications: Tait CEO talks strategy

“Tait has made a decision that it wants to be part of a wider ecosystem of multiple partners to create a broader solution,” said Tait CEO Garry Diack at this year’s Critical Communications World in Berlin.

In an interview with Gert Jan Wolf, Mr. Diack discussed the change in Tait’s organizational structure and explained why this – along with the new Tait UnifiedVehicle mobile application platform – is key to developing the company into a software-enabled critical communications business.

Watch the full interview below.

Mr. Diack acknowledged that along with huge opportunity in the fast-evolving digitization of the critical communications sector comes an extremely competitive market, which has influenced the company’s structural change.

“There needs to be quite a bit of investment that goes into the next generation of where critical communications goes. A truly radio-centric business like Tait has to start developing ability in more software-enabled applications that will sit on top of the digital technology,” said Mr. Diack. “The opportunities that exist for us – not just here but in other parts of the world – are now widening so much that we need additional sources of capital to put into the development that I think is going to be required.”

Tait UnifiedVehicle with AppBuilder is leading this charge for Tait, giving customers the ability to build their own custom applications on top of the Tait UnifiedVehicle digital platform.

“The ability to build applications on top of that digital platform is really important to the customers, and that’s what they’re buying. They’re buying the ability not just to have the digital platform, but to design their own applications and how they might use that digital platform to improve what they want to do,” said Mr. Diack.

This was a key factor for Transport for London (TfL) in choosing Tait to upgrade their bus fleet, as Mr. Diack referred to an example of a custom application that TfL wants to provide an improved experience for their passengers – made possible by Tait UnifiedVehicle with AppBuilder.

Mr. Diack concluded the interview by explaining Tait’s two-prong strategy for taking the company forward: take the concept of physics-based manufactured radio technology to where the customer wants to go, and integrate communications with wider enterprise-based customer activity through software-based applications.

“We need to partner up with those who are already in this space – like some of the network providers – so that we are going to the customer with an integrated solution,” said Mr. Diack.

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