Rugged Radios Explained – Meet the Team Behind Tait Tough

For years, you’ve heard about how our rugged radios are built Tait Tough. We know our customers depend on our radios, and so we constantly seek out ways to ensure they are as robust and reliable as possible. Today, we get to introduce you to the Tait Mechanical team, who maintain a sharp focus on building the Tait Tough philosophy into all of our products.

This video provides some insight into how the Mechanical team approach product development at Tait:

The process involves several steps. First, Mechanical works within multidisciplinary teams throughout the product development process to gain alignment on the best way to achieve the toughest product outcomes. Emphasis is placed on working with our customers and prototyping solutions early and often to ensure that our products suit the needs and environment of our users. ​We also work alongside our partners to select and evolve partner products to meet our very high quality standard.

Rugged Radio Design Sketch

Since every Tait product is built from specialist components manufactured by our supply chain partners to Tait designs, the Mechanical team involves them early in the conceptualisation phase for every new product development. Our partners effectively become an extension of the internal development team and the team utilize their unique, focused expertise so that each component optimally contributes to the overall finished product’s quality and robustness.

Rugged Radio Design Software

The emphasis the Mechanical team place on experimental testing as part of the design process allows them to learn quickly and advance our design concepts in an efficient and effective way. The Tait team is never satisfied to simply know that our products meet requirements, but rather test our products to their limits so that we can learn as much as possible and use this knowledge to make Tait products even more robust, rugged, and reliable.

This is just a small taste of the work that goes into every Tait product. For more, you can watch our Tait Tough: Beyond the Standards video or check out the 7 Benefits of Rugged Radios.


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