FUSION Voice – Underground, in-vehicle Wi-Fi push-to-talk

Tait Communications (Tait) and MST Global (MST) are proud to announce FUSION Voice, a world-first for underground mining and tunneling communications. FUSION Voice offers an in-vehicle radio that can operate in VoIP mode from the underground WiFi network and, at the push of a button, operate via the UHF or VHF radio system that may be in place.

FUSION Voice is the result of a joint development project between Tait and MST, integrating MST’s communication-over-Wi-Fi expertise with the Tait Unified Vehicle platform to form one in-vehicle, push-to talk unit. FUSION Voice enables access to reliable, dedicated voice communication over WiFi networks from inside a vehicle.

Tait and MST are committed to increasing productivity and safety in underground environments, and this collaboration offers something that has been missing from the market as more mines and tunnels look to replace Leaky Feeder with WiFi networks.  In August it was announced that FUSION Voice is a finalist in the 2017 NCE Tunneling Awards for Innovative Technology of the Year, see the awards shortlist here.


“Tait are proud to be working with MST to provide new solutions for customer’s business challenges,” says Bruce Magee, General Manager for Mining, Oil and Gas at Tait Communications. “The Tait Unified Vehicle platform provides more connectivity options and edge computing power for customers. MST have used both aspects to deliver FUSION Voice.”

A VoIP equivalent of a traditional mobile radio, FUSION Voice can operate on any 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, and is specifically optimised for roaming on the MST IMPACT software network, supporting central configuration. The unit can then be switched to operate on a range UHF or VHF radio systems, including DMR Tier 2 conventional, DMR Tier 3 trunking, and conventional analog.

Increasing safety via reliable, multi-platform communication, FUSION Voice can be used for push-to-talk operation with the MST MinePhone, providing 32 channels (30 PTT, one Broadcast and one Emergency). It enables greater productivity and safety, by extending site-wide communications.

Tait and MST will showcase FUSION Voice at AIMEX in Sydney Australia 29-31 August 2017,  at booth 4136. You can find more information about FUSION Voice on the MST website.

The Tait Unified Vehicle platform

Tait Unified Vehicle provides a vehicle area network that combines wide area mobile radio and WiFi connectivity with an on-board edge computing and application platform. Integrated into a familiar Tait mobile radio, Tait Unified Vehicle allows customers to leverage their investment in an existing radio network, while providing a platform for the future.

Tait support for open standards continues to deliver more choice, flexibility and long term value for our customers – examples include P25, DMR, IP, and WiFi standards. Tait Unified Vehicle runs on a flexible, embedded Linux operating system with ability to host a number of applications that improve a customer’s communications experience, operational efficiency and worker safety.

The Tait Unified Vehicle platform enables WiFi programming for fleet management, voice and emergency calls from Android devices over the radio network, as well as on board voice recording. It provides a WLAN (wireless local area network) around the vehicle for WiFi devices to connect to, or can connect to other WLANs.

To learn more about Tait Unified Vehicle, check the Tait Unified Vehicle overview video and brochure.

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