New Registered Partner: Tait teams up with FreshRF

“Partnering with such a robust global player as Tait will ensure customers are able to access technology that leverages their investment in radio.” – Andrew Thompson, Chief Executive FreshRF

Tait Communications and FreshRF are excited to announce FreshRF joining the Tait Technology Program as a Registered Partner.

In the critical communications market, the addition of smartphones, tablets and all the apps and information flow they enable is significantly influencing customer expectations of enhanced communications and productivity.

Ellery Hurn, Tait’s Product Manager for Partner Products, says that this “convergence of technologies we’re seeing in the market is creating both heightened expectation and anxiety among customers. The concern is that the promise of these newer technologies will not eventuate or will not integrate well with their tried and true mobile radio systems.”

He adds that formalising the longstanding relationship with FreshRF is a logical move, as we will be able to expand technology and market opportunities together to deliver real value to our customers.

The FreshRF SmartBridge products combine the app-level ease of deployment, use and management with the robust critical communications capabilities of Tait’s modern radio system. Andrew Thompson, Chief Executive of FreshRF, says, “we are particularly excited about the opportunities around DMR Tier 3 as this standard is now bedded in and offers a solid platform for future innovation.”

Tait and FreshRF have worked together on solutions in North America, Australia and New Zealand.

As a global leader in two-way radio with a focus on innovation, we are always looking for ways to deliver innovative ideas and complete solutions for our customers. The Tait Technology Program enables us to do so by supporting suppliers who bring complementary technologies and skills, so we can offer a wide array of choices and options to create the best solution for you.

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