Technology Partner Spotlight: Tallysman Wireless

We are always looking for ways to deliver innovative ideas and solutions for our customers. The Tait Technology Partner Program enables us to do so by offering a wide array of choices and options to create the best solution for you. A valued Endorsed Technology Partner, Tallysman Wireless is a developer, provider, and manufacturer of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) products and GPS Fleet Management solutions for two way radio systems. Read on to find out how Tallysman and Tait team up to benefit your organization.

Tallysman offer a wide range of products that integrate with Tait solutions and networks, providing unique radio solutions for public safety agencies, utilities, government services, and transport providers. They are a key partner on our P25 EnableLocation solution for workforce and asset tracking. Watch a video on EnableLocation below and read more here.

Coming soon from the Tait and Tallysman collaboration is TruDispatch for control stations, so stay tuned! In the meantime, below is an introduction to more of our combined offerings.

TruFleet™ Solutions

Tallysman’s TruFleet™ Solutions offer Fleet operators tools for real-time location monitoring, driver performance, and vehicle usage. The flexible reporting helps evaluate and maximize performance of your fleet.


The TruFleet® Solutions also offer utility-specific benefits, including increased lines worker safety and productivity, as well as shortened response times when outages occur.


TruFleet® Solutions include a series of applications for the school bus industry, offering educational administrative staff increased situational awareness and allowing them to provide timely responses to things such as parental enquiries.

Public Safety

Available on both P25 and DMR networks, TruFleet™ Solutions provide Emergency Management officials with information that improves situational awareness and enables them to make informed decisions based on real time updates from first responders.

Working together with Tallysman has allowed us to develop these solutions for a diverse range of industries, customized to meet industry-specific needs. For more information on any of these solutions, get in touch with us today!

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