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At Tait, we strive to provide free educational content that gives you all the information you need to make the best decisions for your organization. Connection magazine is an online publication about the current trends in critical communications with insights from a range of industry experts. Our latest issue is available now, full of interesting, informative articles about the latest in critical communications. Read Connection online now, or get the app for iOS or android.

Connection magazine editor Lorraine Bonisch introduces our latest edition:

Alarming, challenging, risky, vulnerable, painful: these words jumped out as I checked the final proof sheets of Connection 8.  Are we focusing too much on the negative?

That is certainly not the intention.  Rather, we hope our experts’ insights into communications-related issues are thought-provoking, interesting, realistic, and above all, honest.  Advancing technology means LMR is entering a brave new world, as communications become ever more complex, and decision makers need all the information available to them, to cut through the bewildering array of options.

With that in mind, we have two articles from our regular contributor Dr Jan Noordhof.  In our lead article, he investigates workplace safety; why some industries – and indeed some countries – are better than others at protecting their workers. Technology, it seems, is not the magic bullet.  In a second piece, he looks at cyber-security, and how easily a determined (or opportunistic) hacker can access the control centers of fundamental infrastructures.

Philip Mullins discusses the opportunities for Utilities to maximize their communications investments.  Now that more data is available than ever before, Philip challenges Utilities businesses to harness the power of math and analytics, to predict, detect, conserve and prioritize precious resources.

These are all big ideas, but there’s plenty of technical detail as well.  For example, we tell you how coverage engineers prove that your radio network is giving you the coverage you’ve paid for, and some great advice on how to avoid interference on busy radio sites.  System Designer Barry Crates talks change management from an engineering perspective, and our other experts keep you in the loop about your P25 options, migration to digital radio, and location services.

You won’t want to miss Will Dougan’s article about what can happen when greater connectivity and computing power meet mobile radio.  Can mobile radio be “smart”?  You bet.

Read more about all of this, and discover more, in Connection issue 8!

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