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We take great pride in sharing useful and interesting content with you through our blog, and we appreciate your readership. We keep a close eye on which posts generate interest, and by reaching out to you for feedback we can better deliver what you want to see. As we begin the exciting new year of 2017, we’d like to hear what you have to say.

We aspire to cover a variety of subjects of interest to the critical communications industry:

  • Client Spotlights – We often get the opportunity to meet with organisations that use Tait products in the workplace. We learn about the specific problems they face and how Tait is incorporated into their communications solution. These stories offer a fascinating insight into the lives of men & women in public safety and utilities.
  • Education – The Tait Radio Academy is a free resource of educational videos on critical communications subjects. We frequently highlight individual lessons, drawing attention to topics you may find interesting or useful. These lessons are delivered in a simple, straight forward manner by experts in their respective fields.
  • Thought Leadership – We regularly publish articles and longer form white-papers on topics relevant to critical communications. We’ve recently covered worker safety, cyber-security, communications during natural disasters, and compared the strengths and weaknesses of competing technologies.
  • Products – The landscape of communications technology is constantly evolving, with new products and services arriving all the time. We share details about new Tait products and updates to existing solutions to keep you informed of the features and benefits of a modern radio network.
  • Events – Representatives from Tait often attend industry trade shows and conventions to share knowledge and learn from our peers. We typically share the details of our attendance leading up to an event, encourage interested parties to come along, and report on the success of the event afterward.

We’d like to hear what kinds of content you find valuable and want to see more of. Please take a moment to answer the below question, tick as many answers as you like, and write in a suggestion if you have one.

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We appreciate your time and assistance, and hope we can provide more relevant content to you in the coming year.

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