Tait Blog: Top 10 for 2016

As we say hello to the new year, we’re taking a look back to bring you a list of our ten most popular blog posts for 2016. These include educational pieces from the Tait Radio Academy, thought-leading Connection articles, informational comparisons between a range of topics, and answers to frequently asked questions. In each post, you’ll find informative videos, white papers, guides, and other helpful information.

In case you missed any, check them out below!

  1. DMR versus dPMR comparison – Part 1
  2. Channel Sharing Explained: FDMA, TDMA and CDMA
  3. Advantages of DMR versus TETRA
  4. When and Where to Use A Duplexer
  5. Advantages of DMR versus dPMR/NXDN/NEXEDGE
  6. APCO Project 25 (P25) Radio – Frequently Asked Questions
  7. DMR or TETRA: A Technical Comparison of Coverage
  8. What is (RoIP) Radio over IP and (VoIP) Voice over IP?
  9. DMR Digital Mobile Radio – Frequently Asked Questions
  10. The 6 Steps of Testing to Get to “Final Acceptance”

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