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What-is-P25-600x600Our series of Tait Radio Academy lessons on P25 continues, this time focusing on services and features. This course is taught by Andrew McTaggart, a Customer Support Engineering Specialist at Tait Communications. Prior to that, he was a product trainer on P25 digital radio communications equipment.

P25 offers a wide range of key services and features to meet the needs of public safety agencies. Some of the basic features P25 provide are:

  • Group voice calls
  • Unit-to-unit or individual calling
  • Emergency call priority
  • Talking party identification
  • Radio check
  • Inhibit/uninhibit
  • Call alert
  • Status updates

While some of these features have been available on public safety networks for many years, P25 allows easy replacement of those features without having to change basic operating practices.

In addition, P25 provides several new features to meet the evolving, changing needs of public safety agencies. These services include:

  • IP-data
  • GPS and location services
  • Configuration options

If you’d like to learn more about P25 and what it means for mission critical organizations, you can watch the video below or take the course on the Tait Radio Academy.

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