New Course Launch: Introduction to Industrial Control Systems

New academy courseExciting news today – we have launched another course on the Tait Radio Academy! This course offers an Introduction to Industrial Control Systems. Critical Communications is no longer just about voice, the data capabilities offer great opportunities for different applications. This course explains how you can transmit SCADA over your radio network.

The course is taught by Philip Mullins, a Solutions Manager at Tait Communications. He focusses on helping organizations reduce operating expenses and optimize capital investments through the strategic use of open standards based digital mobile radio infrastructure. Philip has over 32 years of experience in a variety of roles at IBM, Texaco, Motorola and the United States Air Force. He has previously served as a member of the Global Intelligent Utility Network Coalition Telecom Working Group and participates and presents at numerous industry events including Distributech and UTC annual conferences.

The course includes 11 different videos, filled with insights from Philip into the world of Industrial Control Systems. Learn how to increase health and safety, drive up productivity, and protect your organization’s assets through the data network a DMR Tier 3 network can provide.

The course also explores different methods for transmitting SCADA information, including fiber, LTE, dial-up, and LMR. The strengths and weaknesses of each system are highlighted, enabling you to make smart business decisions when choosing the right data network.

Get started today with the first video topic, Benefits of Industrial Control Systems.

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