[Whitepaper] Communicating in the Digital Oilfield – Part 2

336x280-banner-Digital-Oilfield-2A new white paper is now available from Tait Communications that continues our exploration of the Digital Oilfield (also referred to as Smart Field, Intelligent Oil Field, or i-Field).

As crude oil prices plummet to new lows, there is a special urgency for oil companies to make changes that will drive down costs and improve productivity. Despite the cost cutting, 2015 surveys report that most oil executives intend to maintain or even increase spending on digital technologies over the next three to five years.

This is because investment in the digital oilfield is a necessity, not a luxury.

Technology offers a lifeline to oil companies facing shrinking margins and rising costs by shortening project schedules and reducing manpower requirements. Furthermore, better communications and workflow automation can dramatically improve safety and avoid expensive disasters.

This white paper explores the different ways oil & gas companies are going digital, as well as the different types of communication equipment available.

Download Part 2 of Communicating in the Digital Oilfield white paper.

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