TaitNet Analog Simulcast over IP – The best migration story in town

Launching-Tait-Analog-Simulcast-IP-600x600Tait has released an exciting new system with TaitNet Analog Simulcast IP (AS-IP).

Labelled as “the best migration path in town”, AS-IP offers an easy upgrade path for customers who want an analog system today, but who may wish to consider a future migration to P25 standards. Customers with existing analog products are able to retain their hardware and related simulcast software, and need only activate additional feature licenses to become fully P25-capable.

Due to TaitNet Analog Simulcast IP’s simple upgrade path and outstanding cost-effectiveness, Bruce Mazza, Vice President of Solutions Marketing at Tait Communications, says, “The IP-connected simulcast system is the most unique system currently on the market today.

“Our Analog Simulcast IP solution offers maximum coverage at the lowest cost for customers using analog networks. It’s the best migration story in town: Customers only have to add new feature licenses to their analog repeaters to take full advantage of our IP-connected system. They can fully reuse all existing Tait hardware and software, and if they ever decide to upgrade to any type of Tait P25 digital network – they’re fully future-proofed.

“Also, by eliminating the traditional and expensive, external box voters and simulcast controllers with integrated software modules, Tait has reduced the rack space needed to 4U total for two complete repeaters with controllers and voters.”

Tait AS-IP Products

Tait AS-IP Portables:

TaitNet AS-IP can run on any of the terminals below, as well as any other analog terminal!

Tait AS-IP Mobiles:

TaitNet AS-IP can run on any of the terminals below, as well as any other analog terminal.

Tait AS-IP Base Station and Console Gateway:

The AS-IP network uses the Tait TB9400 products also used in Tait P25 networks for Phase 1 and Phase 2 operation. This means that the networks can be easily upgraded to P25 in the future.

Visit the Tait Analog Simulcast IP website to learn more about how TaitNet AS-IP can benefit your business.

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