Tait Tough: The Golf Club Test

Golf Club TestPreviously our radios have really been put through the paces in our Tait Tough tests! We have done everything under the sun to see if these radios can stand up against the most brutal and intense of trials.

The radios continue to survive and defeat our most clever ideas of destruction. We scratched our scalps, wondering if anything would overcome these mighty radios. One in our office piped up and mentioned a man, who is said, through local folklore, to possess the golf swing to top all golf swings: Enter David Lau.

We watched with fear as the radio was placed ready to be struck by this titan – with a golf club. He arced his club high into the air and came down with the force of a furious tidal wave, blasting the radio into the sky and detaching the battery from the sheer steel-bending power and mercilessness of Lau.

We approached the distant resting place and picked the radio and the battery up. Putting the battery back in with hands shaking and our moods high, we turned it on. What were we even worried about?


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