New Whitepaper – Comparing Voice Coverage: DMR and Analog NBFM

300x250-banner-WP-Comparing-Voice-CoverageMigrating a radio network from analog to a new digital platform is not something that can be taken lightly. As well as the cost, there’s often the concern that it just isn’t going to be as reliable as what you’re used to. No one wants to spend capital only to find communication is less efficient, or simply not reaching your workers.

If you are facing the move to a digital platform, the best place to start is by understanding the theory behind radio voice coverage, so you can make sound, informed decisions when the time comes. Principle Engineer Ian Graham has compared analog Narrowband Frequency Modulation (NBFM) coverage against DMR from a purely scientific point of view, explaining the physics and revealing the calculations to prove his comparisons.

In this comprehensive new technology comparison, Ian identifies three measurable factors that influence coverage from this perspective, and provides you with a solid grounding in why each is important. These are:

  • link budgets,
  • delay spread,
  • guard time.

Check it out, and give yourself the edge when you are faced with that big decision.

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