Connection 6 is now live!

by Lorraine Bonisch, Editor, Connection Magazine.

Connection-6-promo_300x300In this issue, you’ll find an interesting mix of technical and high level perspectives and opinion from Tait experts and others from our circle of partners and contacts. Whether you are a radio communications decision maker, an IT professional new to radio, or an experienced operator, we are sure you will find something interesting and thought-provoking in this current roundup.

Read Connection 6.

In this issue, articles you will want to read include:

  • Communications on Ice: managing a radio network in Antarctica
  • Channel concepts every system designer needs to understand
  • Sustainable value through standards
  • Oil and Gas Industry faces up to the digital challenge
  • Race against time – are you prepared for a major disaster?
  • Over the air programming meets radio management

Watch this video for a sneak peek at this issue:

Got a story to tell or an opinion to share?

As you can see, we have a large team of regular and guest contributors and authors working on Connection. But we are always seeking new ideas, and fresh perspectives. Do you have something to share, that you think is interesting or informative or thought-provoking to Connection subscribers? Chances are, if it’s interesting to you, it will be interesting to our other readers as well.

Get in touch and tell us your idea – you can author it yourself, or work with our editorial team to bring it together. We want to hear from you. Contact me directly through the magazine to find out more.

To check back on what we’ve published in previous issues, you can read through all the articles on our blog. Each article can be viewed by using the Connection Tag.

And finally, a big thank you to everyone for supporting the magazine; we look forward to releasing the next edition!

Connection Magazine, Issue 6. Connection is a collection of educational and thought-leading articles focusing on critical communications, wireless and radio technology.

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