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Introduction to DMR - Video SeriesDigital Mobile Radio (DMR) is a relatively new standard, it was first spoken about 10 years ago when professionals were looking for a standard that could offer improved voice, enhanced features, security, authentication and most of all channel efficiency through TDMA. As a result, DMR was created and the standard was ratified in 2005.

Although new, DMR is one of the most popular standards in critical communications and the Tait Radio Academy gives you the opportunity to learn everything there is to know about DMR from an industry expert for free.

The Tait Radio Academy is an online learning tool that explains essential principles, definitions and helps to build a strong foundation of knowledge. The Introduction to DMR is one of two free courses at the Tait Radio Academy, with other courses being added shortly.

DMR Introduction Course - Learn NowNoel Farrelly, who has spent the last few decades teaching people about radio communications, presents the Introduction to DMR course.

In 17 short and easy to understand videos he introduces, defines and covers many aspects of DMR.

If you want to know the difference between the three Tiers of DMR and how it compares to other technologies, this content will be included in the course.

Registration is free and there are no requirements to take the course. Complete the course at your own pace and by the end you will be able to confidently identify key components of a DMR network, the four different DMR call types and their features and much more.

All that’s left to do is take the final assessment and if you have registered, earn a certificate of completion.

See the course syllabus below to see what is covered in the course.

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