Introduction to Basic Radio Awareness: A Comprehensive Course Overview

Take the Radio Awareness Course to Learn RadioIn the world of Radio Communications there are many terms, patterns and principles that are confusing and too often have painfully long winded answers to the simple questions you’re asking.

Whether you are just starting out in communications or need a refresher on how modulation and channel spacing works, the Tait Radio Academy is a place where all your questions can be answered.

Written and presented by experts in a way that’s easily understood, the Tait Radio Academy is an online learning tool that you can complete at your own pace. Currently there are two courses on offer, with the third not far from being added to the list.

Basic Radio Awareness Course starts at the very beginning, explaining the essential principles, definitions and helping to build a strong foundation of knowledge.

Free Radio course - Basic AwarenessThe Basic Radio Awareness course contains three topics (listed below) and a total of 15 different short videos that explain specific topics. Dr Jan Noordhof, your expert teacher for this course, walks through the foundations of critical communications, covering topics like communication, modulation, trunking, propagation, TDMA and FDMA, and more.

Once you have completed the course, you can take the final assessment and earn a certificate of completion.

There are no requirements in order to take the courses on the Radio Academy, only an inquisitive mind is needed!

Registration is not required however registering will enable benefits such as tracking your progress, the ability to download the study guide, post and answer questions on the forum and earn a certificate upon course completion.

Basic Radio Awareness Course Overview

Lesson 1: Introduction to Radio Communications Principals
Lesson 2: Modulation and Radio Building Blocks
Lesson 3: Communications Systems
Lesson 4: Final assessment

See what the courses have to offer by visiting the Tait Radio Academy.

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