Indonesian oil and gas company VICO reinforces their trust in Tait with new system.

Oil and Gas Upgrade for IndonesianTait has commissioned a new radio system for VICO Indonesia’s oil-exploration operations on the coast of Borneo.

The network will have more than 600 Tait MPT portable radios used by on-site engineers, production workers and supervisors at VICO’s oil pipeline.

Rizal Purwanto – ICT Manager at VICO Indonesia, said that while the original system provided by Tait was still going strong, investment in a more modern network was a vital step to prevent any risks further down the line.

“We have been really happy with the service provided by Tait with our existing network system, but technology does start to fail with age, so we want to prepare and mitigate this risk by getting a new system in place now.” Based on VICO’s requirements. For more information please see the official media release.

Mining, oil and gas companies across the world, including Petrobras in Brazil, Anglo American’s Capcoal in Australia and the Cerrjón Coal Mine in Colombia are choosing Tait to support and provide critical communications solutions.

Recommended reading: Why Oil and Gas companies should consider a different strategy for their telecommunications by Trevor Textor, President of Text Corp. He argues that treating communications as a utility will translate to better business efficiency and big savings.

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    Communication in these fields is a very important thing. As far as now, Tait are providing excellent assistance in critical communication solutions.

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