Value Based Decision Making for Land Mobile Radio LMR

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Join Philip Mullins, Solutions Marketing Manager from Tait Communications live on March 5th for a Business Review live Webinar.

Time: 3PM London/10am New York

Philip will be presenting ‘value based decision making’, a case study of EA Networks. This webinar highlights work we have completed with EA Networks to modernize their land mobile radio environment.

It will describe the business goals and objectives of EA Networks, their compelling reason to act and the additional business capabilities they were seeking.

The webinar then describes the broad range of business capabilities supported by DMR Tier III and our value adding Tait GridLink – a DMR Tier III SCADA application. The webinar concludes with the mapping of EA’s requirements to our capabilities and the resulting solution.

Our results at EA have been outstanding and our position in the utility industry has never been better.

Listen live as we go through the webinar, and use the time with to raise any questions you have. It will be our pleasure to help you understand what’s ahead and ensure that you make decisions that will add value to your business. Join us as we continue to build momentum in 2015.

Philip has hosted two other webinars which are available to watch on demand:

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