Tait Tough: Digger covers radio in gravel

Tait Tough is back!

Tait Tough Gravel TestWe took a Tait TP9300 over to a near-by construction site to push our radio to its limits once again. After talking with some of the workers there, we all thought it would be a cool experiment to get one of the diggers, get a load of heavy gravel and dump it on the Tait radio, which was lodged in the dirt.

Two massive gravel dumps later, we excavated the radio, covered in mud, and once again discovered just how tough Tait radios are.

Our new construction worker friends couldn’t believe their eyes. Those two familiar beeps are becoming more and more welcoming with each Tait Tough test we go through!

Check out the video below, and let us know what you’d want to see our radios survive next.


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