What is Tait Service advantage?

Service Advantage from Tait is a unique blend of services and tools that enables communications professionals to work proactively towards ensuring predictable delivery of service.

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Video Transcript:

Let’s Talk. You’re a communications manager, and you’ve got a lot going on. A big list of new projects is waiting for you, but every time you begin making progress on a new project, you’re pulled back into supporting an old one – taking away time you cannot spare.

Tait Service Advantage Reactive PDF DownloadDespite your efforts, you just can’t seem to get ahead. You need a team working to your advantage, so you can be proactive instead of reactive. Let’s talk about Tait Service Advantage.

Service Advantage is a unique blend of five services and tools that enables communications professionals to work proactively towards ensuring predictable delivery of service. Service Advantage extends well beyond warranty entitlements and technical support plans found in the market today, by providing real-time access to meaningful services and tools traditionally available only to the manufacturer.

You start with direct access to Tait Support Engineers 24 hours a day, seven days a week for incident reporting and resolution. Support teams work to published service level agreements, so you know your priority, is their priority. And as they work, you can follow their progress online. No more time wasted by worrying about the status of your service calls.

Tait Service Advantage for Subscribers Download PDF

Secondly, you can follow-up with the online service portal included in Service Advantage and customize it for yourself. Using a web browser and secure login ensures you can manage your service cases, download software updates, review support documentation, and make use of helpful applications like equipment calibration and service kits. Now you have the ability to resolve issues before they become bigger issues, right in your hand.

Tired of assets going missing? The asset management service reduces the time – and headaches – involved in locating and accounting your different communications assets, no matter what the vendor. Using a web browser and secure login, you can store asset identification, location, and ownership information – keeping everything in one place. It will also record asset transfer, status changes, and maintenance events – building a complete history of activity.

You can even view the overall financial performance of an asset with recorded purchases, warranties, and maintenance costs.

Prevent faults, improve performance and speed troubleshooting by keeping firmware and software up-to-date using the software maintenance service included in Service Advantage. Full version releases with new features – not just point release bug fixes – are regularly available and fully supported so you get the maximum advantage when you decide to update your communications system.

Lastly, you can feel secure in knowing your Tait Communications equipment will deliver the performance you expect. Service Advantage includes continuing hardware and software warranty service, which means Tait will act promptly to replace or repair any defects found in materials or workmanship for the life of the contract. At last, you can have all the tools you need to get ahead.

So, hey, let’s talk about it.


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