Features of the Tait TP9300 Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) portable

Tait TP9300 Portable Radio

Tait TP9300 DMR Portable Radio

The TP9300 is one of the most advanced portable radios in the market, and now, it is reaching new heights. With the new Quad-Mode functionality, users are now able to switch between four different standards (Analog Conventional, MPT1327, DMR Tier 2 and DMR Tier 3) on any one radio. But that’s just one of the great features we’ve built in, the TP9300 also includes:

  • Tait Tough Mission Critical Build Quality
  • Enhanced Vocoder for Voice Clarity
  • Man Down Emergency
  • Full Interoperability
  • Smooth Network Migration
  • Stun and Revive
  • GPS Technology

Check out our new features video to see the TP9300 in action:


Full Video Transcript

At Tait Communications we’ve been making great quality radios for over 40 years. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown with our clients because we listened to them and understood them, and because we understand and because we care, we’ve poured all our expertise, all our passion, and all our innovation into designing a radio solution for you.

Tait DMR is the critical communication solution your business deserves. We’ve packed it full of great features like our Tait tough mission critical build quality. See? That’s still working fine. When we say tough, we mean tough. Also, our enhanced Vocoder provides excellent voice clarity, so you can speak and hear each other clearly no matter where you go.

How do I sound, guys? You’re not just doing the thumbs up again, are you, guys? I can’t see that.

With our man down emergency feature dispatch will instantly know when you’ve fallen down.

Hamish, are you okay? Hamish: Yeah, I’m good. Well, what are you doing? Hamish: I’m just coming.

Tait radios are also engineered for full interoperability, which means your radios can communicate seamlessly with other radio companies’. Hello.

Now I’m going to tell you something that sounds a little bit like magic. Here we have four TP9300s. They all look the same, right? Well, they’re not. This one is switched to analog conventional. This one is switched to MPT1327. This one is switched DMR Tier 2, and this one is switched to DMR Tier 3. One radio supporting four different standards, but it’s not magic. It’s our unique quad mode functionality.

But, that’s not all. Thanks to quad mode, network migration is now smoother than ever. You can switch out your old radios for TP9300s at a pace that suits your needs.

With our stun and revive feature we’ve made sure that when your radio gets lost or stolen you can remotely shut it down, and later you can revive it when your radio is returned to you.

With integrated GPS technology and location services you’ll never have to worry about getting lost or left behind.

We’ve designed all these features with you our client in mind. We’ve come a long way in 45 years, but the best is yet to come, so choose Tait. Your business deserves it.

Learn more about the Tait TP9300 DMR portable radio.


  1. Mike Cameron says:

    Will Tait DMR Tier 3 System do Simulcast? If not are you going to offer it in the near future

    • Hi Mike,
      While current Tait DMR Tier 3 systems do not do simulcast, we do have plans of delivering a DMR Tier 3 Simulcast solution in the future.
      We have also sent you an email with more information.

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