New P25 system to provide seamless comms for Lexington-Fayette County

Police Lexington Fayette Urban County - KentuckyThe City of Lexington celebrated the Go-Live of their new P25 digital communications system, which replaced an analog VHF system dating from the 1960s.

The system is being used by Lexington Police and Bluegrass Airport with plans for the fire service to switch later this year.

The Go-Live event marks the completion of a two year, $10 million project, for Fayette County Kentucky and Bluegrass Airport. In 2012, City of Lexington purchased a Cassidian 800MHz P25 trunked system and that year Tait won the contract to supply 550 TP9155/9160 portable radios and 250 TM9155 mobile radios.

The city opted for our Smart Value Plan, a 10 year program that allows clients to manage the total cost of ownership over the life cycle of their radios. Free battery replacement supports continuous performance and free radio exchange provides future flexibility to adapt. Visit the website for more information about the Tait Smart Value Plan

At the event the City of Lexington Mayor, Jim Gray said, “Today we are talking about upgrading the infrastructure we use to keep the public safe. These radios are significant.”

The new digital system will cover 98% of Fayette County and has been designed to provide coverage inside buildings throughout the County, which has been an issue for public safety in the past.

The digital system is providing the added benefits to the County of encryption and improved inter-agency communication.

Police Chief Ronnie Bastin said: “It’s something that is going to help us and help all of our partners to be able to communicate and be much more efficient when we are doing joint operations.”

News Story Police-And-Fire-Switching-To-Digital-RadioWatch a video here from ABC36 that talks about all the benefits of their new digital system in Fayette County

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