Don’t Get Tangled in the wrong P25 solution

Tangled web of P25We’ve talked about the dangers of getting locked into the wrong P25 solution before. And yet, we still hear about people getting tangled in the proprietary web some vendors weave.

Genuine open standards are non-proprietary, so you are never under the control of one vendor. Choosing open standards will increase your choice of certified vendors and bring down prices, improve technical quality, and avoid the risk of being locked into a sole supplier.

Ken Shearen, the former Senior Communications Engineer for South Bay Regional Public Communications Authority and currently a consultant, explains in this video:

At Tait, we believe in open standards. As a result, our radios can interoperate with other vendors’ equipment, giving you freedom and flexibility for the future. We won’t hide behind a contract, and we won’t leave you until the work is done. If you don’t believe us, then listen to what MACC 9-1-1 or Jim Wells County had to say.

What P25 open standards means for network operators
Our white paper, “Don’t get locked in“, explains why you should demand genuine P25 for your critical communications:

  • How P25 open standards guarantees choice that will lower costs and improve communications without compromising interoperability, regardless of your previous supplier
  • What P25 open standards means for network operators and P25 interoperability
  • Evaluating your current communications network and why you should consider upgrading to P25

Download this complimentary whitepaper to know how you can avoid getting tangled in the wrong P25 solution.


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