Specifying your P25 System

Wise up on P25 radioIf you have never been involved in renovating your own house, you almost certainly know someone who has. It is a major logistical exercise in planning, perseverance, and above all, patience! Mostly, you will end up with what you want, but how often do you think “I wish I had shifted that wall/put in more storage/added another bathroom”?

There are so many things to decide, and only one chance to get it all right. And for most people, you will be carrying on your domestic “business as usual” amongst the chaos of upgrading your home.

Upgrading your radio system is a bit like that, but there are some big differences. Not getting the specification right is more than just inconvenient: you can end up wasting public money, missing opportunities for greater efficiency, even put lives at risk.

For this reason, we created the new P25 Best Practice guide, Specifying your P25 system. This guide will help you answer questions like the following:

  • Is P25 the right technology?
  • How do I specify my coverage requirements?
  • What do I need to know about ISSI?
  • How can I ensure interoperability?
  • What about FirstNet?

Watch this introduction video from Dr. Jan Noordhof to learn more, or download the guide, absolutely free from the P25 Best Practice website.

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