Innovation Through Collaboration: A Research Perspective

By Dr. Clive Horn, Technology Research Leader, Tait Communications

Dr. Clive Horn

Dr. Clive Horn
Photo: Mark Tantrum

On a recent visit to the Wireless Research Centre (WRC) at the University of Canterbury (UC), I had an opportunity to reflect on the value of our research partnerships and what they mean for our business, our clients and the wider industry.

Research and development is a corner stone of who we are at Tait. Our visionary founder Sir Angus Tait had the foresight to ensure we never lost sight of its importance. Today, Tait contributes 15% of its revenue to research and development.

Whether it’s developing 4G capability with UC to enable organisations do business faster, working with Environmental Science and Research to develop forensics technology to help make communities safer or collaborating with Scion to create applications that will make fire fighters safer, we are dedicated to finding ways to work with other organisations so that we can deliver innovative solutions for our clients.

The key to innovation is people. Our relationships with universities, government, industry partners as well as our clients are, therefore, critical to our success. Through the strength of these relationships we are able to attract the best people to work for us and with us. Our internship programs provide us with a pipeline of the best and the brightest new recruits and our investment in education will help to ensure that the future is bright for the communications technology industry.

For Tait, it’s always been about building an industry not just a business. We’ve always understood that successful communication can only happen with the help of strong, active, well-maintained connections. It’s this connectivity that provides us with access to knowledge and expertise that will allow us to continue to innovate and evolve to meet the needs of our clients.

About Dr. Clive Horn

Dr. Clive Horn is the Technology Research Leader at Tait Communications and Industry Collaborator at the University of Canterbury’s Wireless Research Centre. He recently received the Prime Minister’s Business Scholarship to study at a top international learning institution.

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