Social media as a communication tool for customers and communities

By James Kyd, Chief Marketing Officer, Tait Communications

Tait Communications facebook pageI recently spoke at the NZ Hi-Tech Awards (#htanz) conference about how we are using and discovering the value of social media as a mechanism to interact with our clients. We are focused on generating discussions and sharing ideas on social media while ensuring we respond promptly to product information requests and concerns.

Why do we do this? Because it’s on 24/7, it provides highly accessible channels for our global audience and we believe in providing easy access to Tait for new user groups and clients. For us, it’s a way to get closer to the people who use our products and solutions so that we can better understand their world and help solve their challenges.

Channels you can connect to us on include: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Social media is playing an increasing role for organizations that communicate and interact with communities as well as for commercial organizations. I’m amazed at the number of public safety agencies and utilities I’ve spoken with recently that are engaged in social media communication programs or feel compelled to do so. And it seems the motivators are similar to those of a commercial organization; social media is always on, it provides easily accessible channels and it reaches groups in the community that have a strong preference for social media as a form of communication.

I am very interested in what our clients’ expectations are on the use of social media.

Do you have a social media program for your organization? Is it becoming a key form of communication? What are the challenges you experience implementing your social media program? What is best practice?

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