Tait Tough 2.0: The Fire Test. Don’t try this at home (or the office)

Tait Tough Fire TestIt’s not every day you see flames leaping up outside your office window. Particularly when your office is on the second floor. You’d like to think you’d hear the fire alarm first.

Within moments we’d all run towards the fire and even through the windows we could feel the heat.

What we saw – to our relief – was that the fire was in control. It was fire extinguisher training!

Never ones to miss an opportunity, we also saw another chance to put one of our TP9400 P25 radios through a Tait Tough test.

So, with radio in one hand and camera in the other, we raced downstairs and told the fire instructor what we had in mind.

“You want to throw that radio where?!” was what he said… more or less!

With a little explanation that this was all in the name of research he agreed, so once he’d cranked up the heat full blast we tossed the radio into the heart of the flames for a full three seconds. Then we hit the fire, and the radio, with a fire extinguisher.

No surprise: it still worked.

Just for good measure, we decided to test once more. This time the radio stayed in the fire a little bit longer – but not intentionally. The fire extinguisher was nearly empty and it took a bit longer to put the fire out. But still, the radio proved tough and turned on without trouble.


We did notice the flames gave the radio a nice ‘polished’ look, so there’s no denying the heat affected it, but the casing protected all the necessary components and preserved the radio’s functionality.

*Don’t repeat this test at home as fire is dangerous in all situations.

What other tests would you like to see us put the Tait Tough radios through? Let us know in the comments below.



  1. Cornelius says:

    Congrats on all your tests…I’m a LT in a Rual vol fire dept and the problem we come across is not the durability it’s the signal so show me a radio that has great signal. …note we ha e tried just about everything that’s out and we even have a repeater on our station and a cell tower repeater 2 1/4 mile from the station and signal still in the dirt show me Cornelius Carter Roanoke Wild~ wood VFD lake Gaston NC

    • Thanks Cornelius! We definitely agree, it doesn’t matter if your radio is waterproof or shockproof if it cannot connect to the network. Tait specializes in network design and deployment, and we pride ourselves in our network coverage. If you want some evidence, here is an example of a customer who experienced drastically improved coverage with Tait products and system design: http://youtu.be/xRcisdUGfwI

      Each region and network is unique, so it’s hard to say from your comment why you might be having trouble. If you’re interested, we can connect you with some Tait experts who could give you better analysis and suggest solutions. Just let us know!

      Thanks again for your comment!

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