Don’t get locked into the wrong solution

Don't get locked into the wrong P25 solutionWe’ve heard from many Public Safety agencies that they’re pleased there are other P25 options to choose from once they get out of the proprietary web some vendors weave.

Genuine open standards are non-proprietary, so they’re not under the control of one vendor. An increasing choice of certified vendors brings down prices, improves technical quality and avoids the risk of being locked into a sole supplier, which can compromise your interoperability.

What P25 open standards means for network operators

Developed with the active participation of radio vendors, this initiative is a dynamic, expanding suite of standards driven by Public Safety needs, which are set to evolve in tune with other rapidly evolving digital technologies, such as computer networks and VoIP.

For network operators, this means:

  • Getting the best from your available radio spectrum
  • Communicating more efficiently within agencies and between agencies
  • A competitive market with many different manufacturers and vendors participating
  • A technology platform that’s easy to use

Our new white paper, “Don’t get locked in“, explains why you should demand genuine P25 for your critical communications:

  • How P25 open standards guarantees choice that will lower costs and improve communications without compromising interoperability, regardless of your previous supplier
  • What P25 open standards means for network operators and P25 interoperability
  • Evaluating your current communications network and why you should consider upgrading to P25

Download this complimentary whitepaper to know how you can avoid getting locked into the wrong solution.

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