Video: The perfect storm for innovation

UAVThe premise of APCO 2013’s ‘APPStorm’ event was simple — take the Tait Communications API, and then develop and integrate useful applications for Public Safety, creating something greater than the radio and infrastructure alone.

Four teams took part in the two-day collaboration event, including representatives from Tait partners Zetron, Avtec, Higher Ground, Exacom, and Droidworx.

In just two days, the teams managed to create truly compelling demo applications that showcased the flexibility of the Tait API and their innovations.

Application demos included:

  • The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in disaster recovery efforts, with real-time mapping of potential survivor locations back to command
  • Integration of physiological monitoring, PTT and location services to monitor the wellbeing of first responders and ensure an appropriate support response to incidents
  • GPS mapping for law enforcement radio communication enabling officer location and situational evidence to be used in prosecution cases providing not only voice recording during car chases, but also the accompanying coordinates every few seconds as the chase unfolds
  • The use of RFID tags within fire stations to track responders and inventory — checking people, vehicles and apparatus as they leave and return, ensuring Fire Chiefs have full visibility of the station at all times.

To see the presentations from day two of APPStorm, watch the video below.

Many thanks and well done to the teams who took part:

Drone Cubed, Nerds with Apps, Team Lone Ranger, Team Awesome

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