Evolution of the P25 Phase 2 radio: Tait TP9400

Tait TP9400 P25 Phase 2 radio evolution

Tait TP9400 (left) and Tait TP9100 (right) P25 portable radios

We’ve highlighted the toughness of the TP9400 before, but today we have a new video that demonstrates the detailed thought and design work that went into creating the best P25 portable radio we’ve ever made.

Hear from five different radio experts as they share their thinking around the TP9400. Their passion for radio and meeting our customers’ needs shows, and you can see it for yourself in the video below:


Video Transcript:
Tony Davis (Product Business Manager): “Police, fire and ambulance professionals work long and dangerous hours keeping our communities safe. At Tait, we’re dedicated to providing these professionals with communications systems that keep them safe on the job as well. It’s been 7 years since we released the 9100 portable, which has proven itself in the market through its durability and reliability. And we knew we had a real challenge to better it with the 9400. We’re really confident we’ve done that.”

Rodney Mackrell (Senior Designer): “The first thing you will notice about the 9400 is its size. At only 11.46 ounces the 9400 is very light on your belt and it won’t slow you down. At 2.56 inches wide and 5.35 high, it is 32% smaller than the 9100 and it fits very comfortably in your hand. It’s one of the most compact P25 radios on the market today. Our police and fire customers kept telling us they wish the radio was smaller, and so we acted on that.”

Russell Watson (Solutions Marketing Manager, Public Safety): “The 9400 is not just a great portable radio, it is also the sharp end of a complete P25 system.”

Jan Noordhof (Principal Consultant): “The radios have to work anywhere, anytime. You cannot have dropped calls or lost signals. So the Tait TP9400 and the Tait radio systems that they run on are engineered to fully comply with the P25 open standard, and to offer the highest levels of reliability.”

Russell Watson: “Mobiles, base stations, and core network, all brought together by Tait’s exceptional system design and support teams.”

Jeff James (Lead Design Engineer): “I personally know that lives will depend on these radios. After a major earthquake in my home town, I joined an urban search and rescue team. I know first-hand how important it is for radios to work first time, every time.”

Jan Noordhof: “You need to be able to understand what others are saying, regardless of what is happening around you. That’s why we developed our unique wind resistant microphone, coupled with the latest enhanced vocoder. Whether you are involved in a fire or a high speed pursuit, you’ll be able to understand every call on the TP9400.”

Rodney Mackrell: “One significant new feature we have developed is the water shedding speaker grill. Water will never build up and compromise the audio. Instead it is shed away, ensuring the clearest audio in the wettest environments. We have gone to enormous detail to ensure exceptional radio usability, even to the extent of developing our own display font to ensure maximum legibility under operational conditions.”

Jeff James: “We literally spent hundreds of thousands of hours testing during the development of the 9400. We’ve baked them, we’ve shaken them, we’ve even thrown them against the wall to find the weaknesses and make the product stronger. We have drowned them. Each radio is IP67 compliant and it will survive 30 minutes under a meter of water. We’re confident that our radios are genuinely public safety grade, and will exceed our customer’s expectations.”

Rodney Mackrell: “From protective features that prevent accidental use – to additional function keys that streamline access to core functionality.”

Jeff James: “The software, the battery, the electronics, each piece of the 9400 product has been designed to survive. And of course, our radio systems include our award-winning key management software and end-to-end encryption.”

Jan Noordhof: “The TP9400 is software upgradeable to P25 Phase 2 operation – the next version of P25. And with features such as AVL, bluetooth, voice enunciation, and other solutions that are in development, it’s going to be around for a long time.”

Tony Davis: “Without a doubt, the TP9400 is truly the best hand portable we’ve ever created for public safety.”


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