Affordable P25? It may cost much less than you think!

Here’s something you might not know (and your current vendor might not be telling you): There is very little practical gain between inexpensive, conventional P25 systems and high-end trunked ones for smaller public safety organisations.P25 radio system affordability

A common belief is that P25 is an exclusive, high-end trunked system that commands equally high-end prices for both systems and subscriber equipment. This often forces smaller agencies to stick with their conventional analog systems or, even worse, upgrade to proprietary commercial-level digital technologies. All this delivers is a real compromise in their ability to interoperate with other agencies.

But this high-end, high-cost perception is lagging behind the marketplace reality.

Our new white paper, “P25 Affordability: It may cost much less than you think!”, explains why this is the case, including:

  • How conventional P25 systems stack up against trunked systems
  • The current pricing for subscriber units/terminals and infrastructure
  • The impressive, flexible architecture of P25 conventional

Download this white paper to find out whether P25 does cost less than you think.

You can also read more about this, and a host of other critical communications expert views, in the upcoming issue of our online magazine Connection — subscribe here.

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