Tait Tough Test 6: The Drag Test

Can a Tait portable survive being shaken, rattled and rolled over rough asphalt?
By Evan Forester, Tait Tough Tester.

Tait Tough Drag TestA radio is one of the most important everyday tools that first responders and public safety personnel use. If it falls off a vehicle, gets dropped by someone, or even gets kicked across the ground, it needs to stay functional and reliable.

Since we had already repeatedly dropped the TP9400 six feet from 26 different angles, dragging the radio across some gritty, abrasive asphalt seemed like a nice way to step things up. This would demonstrate the radio’s ability to survive after being dropped, rattled, battered, scraped, and more.

Time to hit the road
We tied the TP9400 portable radio to the rear of the Jeep we used in the Crush Test. Then we gave it some gas and took off, leaving the radio to drag behind, bouncing, scraping and hitting the roadway from countless different angles.


As the cameraman for several of the Tait Tough tests, it was probably the most tiring video I filmed. It’s rather difficult to run fast enough to keep up with a moving Jeep while keeping the camera steady and focused on the radio. Although the radio bounces out of frame once or twice, I think it still turned out well, and I enjoyed getting a bit of extra exercise.

Ironically, all the bumping around actually knocked the power button and turned the radio on. We had to turn it off and then turn it back on to record the classic Tait “beep” that’s heard in all of the Tait Tough videos.

Even after all the abuse, true to its lineage, the Tait TP9400 didn’t skip a beat. Users can rest assured knowing that they have a seriously tough radio in their hand—one that simply won’t let them down.

With this video we conclude our series of Tait Tough tests. But this isn’t the end. We’ve already started planning an entirely new series of Tait Tough tests that include some of your ideas. If you have any more suggestions, please let us know in the comments area below.

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