Tait Tough: Beyond the standards

Built for public safety

Tait Tough Standards

Because of its compact size, there are some folks out there who question whether the Tait TP9400 portable radio is, in fact, public safety-grade.

Fortunately, no one told the innovators at Tait that portable radios had to be bulky to be sturdy. So, even though the TP9400 is our smallest portable radio, it’s no toy. It’s one tough piece of mission-critical equipment. After all, this is a radio that’s been specifically designed and engineered to exceed public safety’s changing needs.

We’ve had a lot of fun over the past few weeks conducting experiments like running over the radio with a 2.2-ton jeep and smashing it with a bowling ball. But, alas, it can’t all be about having fun. Sometimes you need to get serious — Military Standards serious. That’s when we take it to the lab.

Beyond Military Standards

That’s right. We test the TP9400 beyond the already rigorous standards for military testing. For instance, Military Standards call for a drop test of four feet, so we begin by dropping it from six feet. The radio doesn’t land on wood or carpet either. Too easy. Instead, it smashes into solid concrete. We drop it from 26 different angles, and then repeat for 26 more drops.

After all of that punishment, the TP9400 still doesn’t skip a beat.

There are several more tests, of course. We drown the radio, shake it, bake it, freeze it, and more, until it truly earns the right to wear the Tait brand — our assurance that it’s one of the toughest public safety-grade radios on the market.

You can see the different laboratory tests for yourself in this new video:


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