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Six myth-busting reasons to attend one of our free 30-city critical communications seminars

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If you’re procuring, upgrading or maintaining a radio communications system then you already know how complex and confusing it can be to make the best choices. Rapidly changing technology and the noisy opinions and views from the market means decision-making is getting tougher than ever.

To help clear the fog we’re running a series of 30 free ‘deep dive’ morning seminars where we’ll be busting myths and sharing best practice…with walk-in coffee and take-out lunch thrown in.

Here’s six reasons why you should attend…

1. Get clear on your network options
When your network is past its expiration date or your vendor no longer supports it, the good news is you’ve got more options than ever before. P25 is the proven digital technology many public safety agencies are moving to and the equipment is becoming more and more affordable. There are other digital technologies out there too, with applications designed for other mission critical communications such as Utilities. And there are still analog network options that can satisfy the needs of many organizations who only need mission critical voice systems. Which one is right for you?

2. Get clear on P25 Phase 2
If P25 is where your organization is heading, then you need to know if phase 2 – the next stage of the technology – is going to impact your investment. Do you really need P25 phase 2 or are you being driven by compliance with Government mandates? You need to understand the benefits and myths before investing.

3. Get clear on maximizing your coverage
Improving coverage is often top of the priority list when upgrading radio networks. If we all lived in communities with no mountains, valleys or buildings then it wouldn’t be a big deal, but in reality, these things give most organizations a real challenge. What are your options?

4. Get clear on the tips and traps for your next purchase
Open standards means nobody has to be limited to buying proprietary networks and radios any more. The power is shifting from manufacturers who can charge what they like to you: the consumer, because everyone complies to these standards and implements them in the same way, right? If only that were true. Even though prices have come down and buying from multiple vendors is easier, there are still traps to beware of when purchasing your critical communications system.

5. Get clear on migration: 10 steps to success
For most people the upgrade of a radio network is a once-in-a-career project and a leap into the unknown. We’ve brought together some people who’ve been through this regularly and can share their experiences, tips and lessons on how best to manage migrations, particularly around those challenges that aren’t the technical ones you’d expect.

6. Get clear on managing comms best practices
Once you’ve got your communications solution what’s the best way to manage it? We asked a group of 30 US experts the same question during a series of workshops earlier this year. They’ve shared with us how they manage their radio networks and we’d like to share their best practices with you.

To register you place at our Education Nation seminars just click here. If you’d like to recommend a seminar for your city then let us know – we may well be adding extra dates and locations to our tour. We look forward to seeing you there!

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