And now you can’t sleep at night – Part 2: Choosing the right technology

window_with_light_onThanks to everyone who took part in our recent poll from part one of this blog post series: “So you need to upgrade your system? And now you can’t sleep at night”

It’s no surprise that “choosing the right radio technology” is the major concern for most of you. With a number of technologies to choose from – each with their own benefits and pitfalls – the devil is in the detail, and that’s where the daunting task lies.

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself if you really know what you’re looking for?

To help you prioritize your requirements in the technology decision-making process, consider which of the following factors is most important for your organization’s new system?

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(We’ll provide more information on the topics that get the most votes in a different blog post)

There’s some things you know right now, which will help to narrow down the technology field. For example, the frequencies you use, your coverage requirements, if you have a limited spectrum, what your interoperability goals are, not to mention data capabilities and cost – these will all influence your purchasing decision.

Understanding the differences between these digital technologies and matching them to your needs will help you make the right decision for your organization.

This table can help you identify the key technical differences between the major technologies:

If you need a more detailed comparison, check out our whitepaper – Digital Radio Standards Uncovered.

Part three of this series will talk to the factor most important to your organization as voted by you.


  1. […] Thanks to everyone who participated in part two of this blog series: “And now you can’t sleep at night”. […]

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